Corporate/Realtor Gifts

Personalized 6-pack

Your Label - Your Logo - Your Business

Express gratitude to your clients with customized closing gifts that stand out!

Individual labels and box can be completely customized with your business name or logo!

Two Unique 6-pack Gift Boxes

($25 per box)

10 box minimum

BBQ 6-pack

Mild BBQ Rub

Sweet BBQ Rub

Bourbon BBQ Rub

River BBQ Rub

Hot BBQ Rub

Rock n Roll BBQ Rub

Seasoning 6-pack

(Choose 6 from these options)

Garlic Butter

Memphi Chicken Seasoning

Greek Seasoning

Steak Seasoning

Cajun Lemon Pepper

Lemon Pepper

Cajun Seasoning

Italian Seasoning

Additional gift box sizes available! Contact Our Sales Team for More Information

Corporate Gift-Giving

  • Express gratitude to your customers and clients with unique and healthy gifts that stand out!

  • Perfect for holidays, birthdays, new accounts, closings, and more!

  • Private/custom labeling is included in the price

  • Make one large order for the year or order year-round

  • In addition to our 6-pack options, ask about individual canisters, salt & pepper crackers, or custom orders to fit your needs.